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We are the best plant hire company in the UK and offer a variety of services, including telehandler hire.

With an excellent loader performance, telehandler hire is the best option for your site when it comes to lifting heavy materials and removing heavy loads from your site.

We have a great range of telehandlers available to hire and can deliver to your site, making it easy to get the job done.

Who Are We?

Chief Plant Hire is a specialist hire service that offers a variety of devices for hire to customers across the UK. We can provide the best telehandlers for you that can provide long reach and superior performance to make it easier to get your job done.

We are one of the leading providers of industrial and domestic tools in the country. We give you access to the best tools in the business, like a telehandler crane, along with additional services such as plant insurance.

All of our hire equipment is certified for yard safety, and we also offer additional support in health and safety.

To browse our wide range, including telehandlers, check out our product site or contact our customer team to learn more.

Why Should You Hire a Telescopic Handler From Us?

We can provide all of the best types of telehandlers available at an extremely high quality and we deliver to sites across the UK.

Site equipment, like telehandler machines, can be expensive to buy and own, which is why we offer a full rental service, including delivery and collection from construction sites. A telehandler can also be used when working on a house building project, as their overall height makes it easier to manage materials from above.

We are one of the best in the construction industry and can offer next day delivery to many sites, house building or other locations across the country, depending on availability.

To tackle the building site head-on, you will need reliable tools, and there are many benefits to a telescopic handler. These kinds of machines come with an adjustable lift height which is why they are ideally suited to construction work where you need to access materials far away.

We offer a wide range of machinery and have a full range of construction devices on offer that are suitable for all kinds of work. A telehandler will provide a full reach and has a good weight capacity.

We also provide telehandler attachments for hire, adding length or weight when needed. From the JCB 540 to larger telehandlers, from a 4-metre telehandler to a 20-metre telehandler, we have everything you need under one roof and make it easier for you to load, move and deliver materials on site.

You should not lift heavy loads without the right equipment, and this is exactly what telescopic handlers, with their four-wheel steering, are for.

The overall height of the telehandler will vary based on what you need and can be adjusted. Our full range offers a long reach, with the JCB 540 small metre telehandler range, to our 20-metre telehandler being available for hire today.

Browse our latest machines on our website or contact our customer team during opening hours to learn more about our hiring prices.

Local Telehandler Hire

Our four-wheel-drive telehandlers are available for hire across the country. We can deliver these machines to any site, house building or location depending on availability, along with the other machines and vehicles we have on offer.

Fill out the enquiry form or call our customer team today to see whether we can deliver this machine directly to you.

Telehandler Hire Costs

The cost of hiring a multi metre telehandler will vary depending on your location and the machine you choose.

With varying lift height and crane weight, the cost of hiring a telehandler will differ. There may also be plant insurance to consider, which will contribute to the total you pay.

Our company offers cost-effective rental and frequently provides special offers.

Make an account with us today to stay ahead of these offers, or call us to learn more about the cost of rental near you.

What is a Telehandler?

A telehandler is a machine that offers a varying lift height and is a great tool for moving materials. It is a versatile device as it is a telescopic forklift designed for greater overall length and lift height on site.

Using a telehandler makes it easier to lift heavy materials due to the great max weight capacity, and the crane length provides greater reach. This is why this kind of lift is commonly found on construction sites, but there are also industrial and domestic uses for this machine, as telehandlers come in various sizes and have attachments.

Telehandlers come in various sizes, including their max lift height and weight capacity. Most of these machines are four-wheel drive, so they can be controlled on-site.

The overall length and lift height of a multi metre telehandler can vary based on what you choose, but we categorise these machines by their max lift height for safety purposes. This is their overall length that is covered by plant insurance.

Telehandler Attachments

There are various attachments you can add to a telehandler lift based on the work you need to do.


Buckets are designed to scape and lift heavy loads from the site. Telehandlers fitted with a bucket can sometimes be used for digging with the right attachment.


Forks are used to manage and move loads from the site, with options for dual positioning or stable forks.


These are similar to forks as they are also designed for loading and lifting.

Other Attachments

Our telehandlers come with a variety of attachments, making our equipment hire suitable for all needs and customers across the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a telehandler instead of a forklift?

Telehandlers are some of the most flexible machines you can hire. With their varying height as well as additional attachments, one machine can be used for a variety of chores.

What training do I need to operate a telehandler?

To handle the four-wheel steering of telehandlers, you need to have a driving license. An additional forklift license is needed to operate this machinery.

How much weight can a telehandler lift?

Each telehandler will have its own max weight capacity, and there will be a sign on the device indicating this. You must not exceed the max weight or lift limit.


If you are looking for telescopic handlers for a low price, please contact our customer service centre today to learn more.

JCB Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
JCB 516-40 2m 1,600kg 19kW
JCB 520-40 4.0m 2,000kg 19kW
JCB 525-60 6.0m 2,500kg 55kW
JCB 525-60E 6.0m 2,500kg 24kWh
JCB 531-70 7.0m 3,100kg 81kW
JCB 533-105 10.22m 3,300kg 81kW
JCB 535-95 9.5m 3,500kg 81kW
JCB 535-125 12.28m 3,500kg 81kW
JCB 540-140 13.78m 4,000kg 81kW
JCB 540-170 16.7m 4,000kg 81kW
JCB 540-180 17.51m 4,000kg 81kW
JCB 540-200 20m 4,000kg 81kW
JCB 541-70 7.0m 4,100kg 81kW
JCB 516-40 4m 1,600kg 24hp
JCB 520-40 4m 2,000kg 24hp
JCB 525-60 6m 2,500kg 74hp
JCB 560-80 7.9m 6000kg 97kW

Manitou Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Manitou MHT 12330 11.92m 33,000kg 180kW
Manitou MT 420 4.35m 2,000kg 42kW
Manitou MT 625 5.85m 2,500kg 55.40kW
Manitou MT 730 6.9m 3,000kg 54.60kW
Manitou MT 733 6.9m 3,300kg 55.40kW
Manitou MT 930 8.85m 3,000kg 54.60kW
Manitou MT 933 9.07m 3,300kg 55kW
Manitou MT 1033 9.98m 3,300kg 55.40kW
Manitou MT 1135 11.05m 3,500kg 75kW
Manitou MT 1335 12.55m 3,500kg 75kW
Manitou MT 1440 13.53m 4,000kg 75kW
Manitou MT 1840 17.55m 4,000kg 75kW

Merlo Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Merlo P27.6 5.8m 2721kg 55kW
Merlo TF30.9 8.5m 2993kg 85kW
Merlo TF38.10 9.4m 3810kg 100kW
Merlo TF42.7 7.1m 4173kg 100kW
Merlo TF50.8 7.7m 4989kg 125kW
Merlo MF34.7 6.8m 3401kg 100kW
Merlo MF40.9 8.7m 3991kg 125kW
Merlo P50.18 17.9m 4989kg 125kW
Merlo P65.14 9.0m 6531kg 125kW
Merlo P72.10 9.5m 7166kg 75kW
Merlo P120.10 9.7m 12020kg 125kW
Merlo P35.11 10.9m 3492kg 55kW
Merlo P40.13 12.4m 3991kg 55kW
Merlo P40.17 16.5m 3991kg 55kW
Merlo Roto 40.18 17.6m 3991kg 90kW
Merlo Roto 50.21 21m 4989kg 55kW
Merlo Roto 70.24 20.4m 6985kg 125kW
Merlo Roto 50.26 22.8m 4989kg 55kW
Merlo Roto 50.30 29.3m 4989kg 125kW
Merlo Roto 70.28 28m 6985kg 125kW
Merlo Roto 50.35 27m 4989kg 125kW

Genie Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Genie GTH-5519 5.74m 2,495kg 55.4kW
Genie GTH-636 10.97m 2,722kg 55.2kW
Genie GTH-844 13.4m 3,629kg 73.8kW
Genie GTH-1056 17.25m 4,536kg 55kW
Genie GTH-1256 17.07m 5,450kg 99kW
Genie GTH-1544 13.41m 6,804kg 115kW

JLG Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
JLG G5-18A 5.59m 2500kg 55kW
JLG 742 12.8m 3,175kg 55kW
JLG 943 13.11m 4080kg 83kW
JLG 1043 13.11m 4,535kg 83kW
JLG 1055 16.76m 4535kg 96kW
JLG 1075 22.86m 4535kg 119kW
JLG 1255 16.76m 5443kg 97kW
JLG 1644 13.28m 7098kg 100kW
JLG 1732 16.76m 7599kg 100kW
JLG 2733 10.08m 12,065kg 119kW

Magni Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Magni RTH 4.18 17.56m 4,000kg 55kW
Magni RTH 5.18 17.56m 4,999kg 100kW
Magni RTH 5.21 20.70m 4,999kg 100kW
Magni RTH 5.23 22.80m 4,999kg 100kW
Magni RTH 5.25 24.60m 4,999kg 100kW
Magni RTH 6.21 20.80m 6,000kg 100kW
Magni RTH 6.23 23.30m 6,000kg 100kW
Magni RTH 6.25 25.00m 6,000kg 100kW
Magni RTH 7.26 25.70m 7,000kg 160kW
Magni RTH 6.30 29.90m 6,000kg 160kW
Magni RTH 6.35 34.70m 6,000kg 160kW
Magni RTH 6.39 38.90m 6,000kg 17kW
Magni RTH 6.46 45.64m 6,000kg 175kW
Magni RTH 6.51 51.00m 6,000kg 175kW
Magni RTH 8.25 24.90m 8,000kg 175kW
Magni RTH 13.26 26.20m 13,000kg 175kW
Magni HTH 10.10 9.52m 10,000kg 100kW
Magni HTH 16.10 9.50m 16,000kg 160kW
Magni HTH 20.10 9.80m 19,999kg 160kW
Magni HTH 24.11 10.50m 24,000kg 175kW
Magni HTH 27.11 10.85m 27,000kg 175kW
Magni HTH 30.12 11.72m 30,000kg 235kW
Magni HTH 35.12 11.72m 35,000kg 235kW
Magni HTH 50.14 14.00m 50,000kg 235kW
Magni TH 6.20 19.20m 6,000kg 100kW
Magni TH 5.24 23.90m 4,999kg 100kW
Magni Ricklift 13 11.00m 500kg 45kW
Magni Ricklift 15 12.95m 800kg 75kW
Magni Ricklift 18 15.93m 800kg 75kW

Dieci Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.7 6.35m 3000kg 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 30.9 8.70m 3000kg 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 32.9 8.70m 3200kg 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Farmer 34.7 6.35m 3400kg 79.5kW
Dieci Agri Max 50.8 7.70m 5000kg 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 60.9 8.60m 6000kg 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 65.8 7.70m 6500kg 128kW
Dieci Agri Max 75.10 9.65m 7500kg 114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 40.10 9.60m 4000kg 114kW
Dieci Agri Plus 42.7 7.20m 4200kg 114kW
Dieci Agri Star 37.7 6.80m 3700kg 100kW
Dieci Agri Star 38.10 9.6m 3800kg 100kW
Dieci Agri Star 40.8 7.70m 4000kg 100kW
Dieci Mini Agri 20.4 4.35m 2000kg 37kW
Dieci Mini Agri 26.6 5.68m 2600kg 55kW
Dieci Apollo 20.4 Smart 4.35m 2000kg 37kW
Dieci Apollo 26.6 5.68m 2600kg 55kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.7 GD 6.35m 3000kg 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 30.9 GD 8.7m 3000kg 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 32.9 GD 8.7m 3200kg 55.4kW
Dieci Dedalus 34.7 GD 6.35m 3400kg 55.4kW
Dieci Hercules 100.10 9.5m 10000kg 128kW
Dieci Hercules 130.10 9.5m 13000kg 128kW
Dieci Hercules 190.10 10.2m 19000kg 128kW
Dieci Hercules 210.10 10.2m 21000kg 128kW
Dieci Hercules 230.10 10.15m 23000kg 128kW
Dieci Icarus 40.14 GD 13.4m 4000kg 85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 40.17 GD 16.4m 4000kg 85.1kW
Dieci Icarus 50.18 GD 17.8m 5000kg 85.1kW
Dieci Samson 50.8 Vs Evo2 GD 7.7m 5000kg 128kW
Dieci Samson 60.9 Vs Evo2 GD 8.6m 6000kg 128kW
Dieci Samson 65.8 Vs Evo2 GD 7.7m 6500kg 128kW
Dieci Samson 75.10 GD 9.65m 7500kg 114kW
Dieci Zeus 35.11 GD 10.6m 3500kg 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 38.10 GD 9.6m 3800kg 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.13 GD 12.5m 4000kg 54.6kW
Dieci Zeus 40.8 GD 7.6m 4000kg 54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T60 4.7m 2250kg 54.6kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T70 5.2m 3000kg 85.9kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T80 5.2m 3500kg 107kW
Dieci Agri Pivot T90 5.7m 4100kg 114kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.16 15.70m 4000kg 85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 40.18 18.00m 4000kg 85.9kW
Dieci Pegasus 45.30 29.6m 4500kg 127kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.25 24.10m 5000kg 100kW
Dieci Pegasus 50.26 25.7m 5000kg 127kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.16 16.20m 6000kg 100kW
Dieci Pegasus 60.21 20.50m 6000kg 100kW

Bobat Telehandlers

Model Height Capacity Engine
Bobcat TL26.60 5.8m 2600kg 75kW
Bobcat TL30.60 5.8m 3000kg 75kW
Bobcat TL35.70 6.8m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat TL35.105 10.2m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat T35.105L 10.2m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat T36.120SL 11.8m 3600kg 75kW
Bobcat T35.130S 12.4m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat T35.130SLP 12.4m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat T35.140S 13.6m 3500kg 75kW
Bobcat T41.140SLP 13.6m 4100kg 75kW
Bobcat T40.180SLP 17.4m 4000kg 75kW
Bobcat TL34.65HF 6.3m 3400kg 97kW
Bobcat TL38.70HF 6.9m 3500kg 97kW
Bobcat TL43.80HF 7.5m 4300kg 97kW
Bobcat TR40.180 Rotary 17.6m 4,000kg 55kW
Bobcat TR50.180 Rotary 17.6m 4,999kg 100kW
Bobcat TR50.210 Rotary 20.5m 4,999kg 100kW
Bobcat TR50.250 Rotary 24.6m 4,999kg 100kW
Bobcat TR60.210 Rotary 20.8m 6,000kg 100kW
Bobcat TR60.250 Rotary 25m 6,000kg 100kW
Bobcat TR70.260 Rotary 25.7m 7,000kg 160kW
Bobcat TR60.300 Rotary 29.8m 6,000kg 160kW
Bobcat TR60.350 Rotary 34.9m 6,000kg 175kW
Bobcat TR60.390 Rotary 38.9m 6,000kg 175kW

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