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Tool and equipment hire can be an important asset for any construction, landscaping, demolition or repair business in North Lanarkshire. Having hand tools and other forms of equipment available at all times can be a major boon, giving them a reliable way to gather the tools they need in a pinch.

We at Chief Plant Hire can offer the perfect solutions to a lack of tools – we offer a reliable tool hire option that spans multiple industries and trade types, ranging from maintenance and engineering to landscape gardening and cleaning.

Who Are We?

We are a specialist plant hire company in North Lanarkshire that provides all of the plant-level tools, equipment and support that your industry-specific business might need. This could be anything from a cleaning supply option to lighting, heating and lifting tools

Our expert team has amassed a huge collection of trade and industry gear that we can offer at competitive and fair prices, giving you an easy way to complete your toolkit before a big job.

Why Should You Hire Tools From Chief Plant Hire?

Our helpful support staff are able to get you the hire options you need, guiding you to the right tool for the job and setting up hiring arrangements that suit your budget. We operate with a focus on excellent service and product availability, making it easy to find something that matches your trade and needs.

We have almost every popular tool on the market in North Lanarkshire, and can work with our customers to create bespoke hire options. If you need to hire an entire tool kit, then we can provide it, but we can also make it easy to have individual tools hired quickly.

The Perfect Tool Range

Our full range of tool hire options gives companies and individuals access to equipment and services that otherwise might not be an option. We have a wide collection of all kinds of trade tools, including multiple variants to suit customers with expertise who need a highly specific tool.

Price and Convenience

We aim to keep our services affordable, and that extends to hired equipment. Choosing to hire from us increases tool availability and cuts down on the costs you need to pay – our good prices can be much more affordable for independent trade customers and small businesses in North Lanarkshire.

High Standard Service

We make sure that our service is stellar whenever possible, from the ‘basket’ stage of assembling your tool choices to the hire process and the actual delivery. We don’t leave any details ignored, and always put the customer first.

Tool and Equipment Quality

We check every single tool hire option we have available in a range of different ways. Our helpful staff are fully prepared to double-check and maintain our tool hire supply, looking for safety issues or equipment that may have worn down too much to use.

Local Tool Hire North Lanarkshire

We can provide tool hire services to companies all across the UK, as well as individual UK workers or hobbyists. All of our UK clients can benefit from our delivery options, or can even choose to collect their tools if they live in a local part of the UK.

Trade Customers Equipment Hire

A lot of our tool hire options are perfect for trade usage, regardless of location. This means gear for tasks like tearing up floor tiles alongside items also offered by brands like Sunbelt Rentals. Compared to groups like Sunbelt Rentals, we aim to provide a quick, clean online hire internecine.

Tool Hire Costs

We keep the price of each hire tool as low as we can. Availability is a core part of our work, and good price options enables smaller businesses to collect the tools that they need. You can talk with our staff directly if you need a price that falls below your tight budget.

Types of Tools You Can Hire in North Lanarkshire

We have quite an extensive list of tools on offer, including:

  • Heating and cooling units
  • Lifting and handling tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Surveying gear
  • Site security options
  • Traffic management hardware
  • Utility vehicles
  • Site service options
  • Utility vehicles
  • Powered access platforms
We can also offer some advice about specific items to clients who may need more details, such as pointing out particular fuel types (such as red diesel) for powered gear or explaining the difference between emergency lighting options.

How to Access Hire Options

We have an easy same-day click order system online, allowing you to use our website to browse what we offer and search for specific items. Account or not, you can also contact us over the phone to express interest in hiring something, and we can arrange delivery either way.

Talking with us directly allows us to break down price details, explain important news about certain items, and even collect core information that we can use to arrange the delivery itself. We don’t ship anything until you accept the delivery as a whole, so you can mention any specific time-frames you want us to aim for.

Our website has plenty of categories to aid with your search, and can be accessed anywhere in the UK. We won’t confirm a delivery in North Lanarkshire until you tell us you’re ready.


Whether you’re decorating home interiors or decorating a landscape with freshly-dug artificial rivers, we can provide multiple categories of useful gear for a fair and consistent price. Individual hobbyists and contractors in North Lanarkshire can hire the handheld gear they need, and larger companies can build an entire fleet our of short-term hire vehicles on demand.

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Contact Our Team

Let Us Know Your Requirements