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If you are looking for a reliable scissor lift hire option in Ceredigion, then we at Chief Plant Hire can offer you a wide range of excellent powered access equipment choices. Having the right equipment for a job can make a significant difference to any construction, maintenance or demolition project.

If you need to hire a reliable platform height tool, either as a standalone tool or as the centre of your collection of hire equipment for a larger project, then we can provide it.

Who Are We?

Chief Plant Hire is a scissor lift and powered access tool hire company in Ceredigion with a range of high-quality equipment on offer. Many of our most popular products go on to see use in countless different projects, from landscaping tasks to long-term industrial purposes in permanent warehouses.

We can offer a wide variety of powered access options, all tailored towards particular roles and job sites. Every one of our hire options is properly tested for safety issues and quality, ensuring that each one will always be suitable for its intended purposes.

This variety of options in Ceredigion also allows us to provide advice on what customers might need, guiding them to an option that would work for them. If your job involves a lot of tight spaces, for example, then our expert staff can help you pick out the right tools for the job.

Why Should You Hire a Scissor Lift from Us?

Our staff in Ceredigion have a deep pool of experience regarding all kinds of construction site equipment, including a long list of powered access and low-level access platforms. Each customer comes to us with different requirements, and we are capable of giving them the tools and features that they need.

Our equipment is all fully checked before we ship it out to a client. This means doing safety checks, testing the lifting systems, and looking into any minor details that could hint at potential problems. When we send out a lift, we want to know that it is safe.

Thanks to our large amount of experience with scissor lift tools, we can provide details that other companies may overlook. This means factors like safe working load, maximum platform height, safety for indoor use and even the power efficiency of each unit.

Beyond that, we offer consistent and reliable hiring options to repeat clients. Each delivery is handled with the same level of care, and we perform routine maintenance on all platforms to ensure maximum safety whenever possible.

Trying to hire from us is also a very easy process in Ceredigion. There is no need to struggle with account information or a product collection – just contact us, and we can arrange something that works for both of us, giving you full access to our collection of platform choices.

Local Scissor Lift Hire

We offer hiring options in Ceredigion for a range of low-level access platform choices across the UK, including scissor lift hire. Our scissor lifts cover a range of different types and options, all of which can be ideal for different situations or niches.

Our ability to serve the wider UK with ease means that we can arrange a delivery at a convenient place and time for each client. The relatively portable and compact nature of scissor lifts gives us more flexibility with our deliveries all across the country.

If you are in our local area, or a different part of the UK, and want to hire one of our scissor lifts, then you can contact us directly to arrange a delivery that is perfect for you. Like all of our equipment, scissor lift hire is a bespoke process that fits each customer differently.

Scissor Lift Hire Costs Ceredigion

The cost of hiring one of our scissor lifts depends on the exact kind of scissor lift that you are looking into. We have a wide range of different scissor lift types that all come with their own benefits and drawbacks, such as maximum platform height, as well as differences in cost.

As such, we can’t really break down the average cost of a scissor lift hire since there is no such thing as a standard scissor lift. However, you can always talk to us directly and get a proper breakdown of the options we have available, as well as the kind of features or factors that might change how cost-effective a hire arrangement would be.

Since scissor lift prices in Ceredigion are so variable between pieces of equipment, we aim to keep our prices fair. If you need specific platform height equipment or lifting machines, then contact us, and we can talk over the prices that would work for both of us.

Scissor Lift Delivery

We can supply lifts to our customers in Ceredigion in record time, aiming to give you your new machines and equipment as quickly as possible. Depending on your location, we may even be able to provide next-day delivery, with that next-day delivery being part of the hire arrangement.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift, at its core, is a type of powered access platform with a scissor-like joint design. When the system is powered, it can be raised up and down, fitting easily into compact spaces and allowing an adjustable platform height level.

These low-level access platforms use a railing-style upper section that provides support at greater working height levels. They can often be used both indoors and outdoors, but certain models are meant mostly for outdoor use – especially if they use a diesel engine.

Regardless of the working height, a scissor lift can offer an increased platform height that allows complete freedom to work at a higher platform height elevation.

Types of Scissor Lifts

There are multiple lift types to consider when looking into a lift hire option in Ceredigion. Not all of them function in the same way, and some have their own specific details or quirks that need to be considered if you have a highly specific set of requirements to fill.

Suitability for certain facilities, management of fuel or power sources, noise level, pollution, maximum platform height and countless other factors can all be important things to consider – and might alter the hire cost as well.

Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel scissor lifts are powered by diesel, as the name suggests. These are loud and noisy and produce dirty fumes when running, making them more suitable for outdoor construction sites. These are often rough terrain scissors, but they can be used indoors with good ventilation.

While these are noisier than electric options, they also have a more rugged design than electric site platforms. This makes them a better tool for efficiently handling things that electric platforms can’t, such as rough outdoor spaces without a flat site to park the platform.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts in Ceredigion use electric batteries, making them more eco-friendly and removing the downside of using diesel. Not only are they low noise and low pollution, but they also tend to be smaller, which makes them perfect for indoor areas.

Electric scissor lift designs can sometimes be slightly less powerful, although this does not make a huge difference on most worksites. However, it could reduce the safe working load or total platform height compared to an identical diesel model.

Bi-Energy Scissor Lifts

Bi-fuel scissor lifts allow you to switch between electric and diesel engines easily. This gives you the silent and no-pollution benefits of electric scissor lifts while still having the extra power and reliability of a diesel engine.

These are more expensive, but they can be a great choice for projects where the scissor lift is constantly being moved to new places in Ceredigion. Having two power options gives you more control over the way that the lift operates and which situations it can be used in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric and diesel engines different?

Aside from the differences in fumes and noise, electric and diesel engine options can completely change the strength and functionality of a scissor lift – or any access platform.

What is a scissor lift used for?

A scissor lift is a straight vertical lift that usually does not have the ability to angle itself, meaning that they often get used for situations where an elevated working height is all that is needed.

These lifting machines are a tool with many uses. They often see use for installing ceiling lighting, trying to create new windows or raised additions, or even just for general construction jobs. Anything that requires a raised working height can benefit from scissor lifting machines like this.

Some lifts even have their own integrated lighting. This lighting allows them to work well in the dark or low-light environments without needing additional tools.

Is the safe working load important?

A high safe working load means that the lifting platform can still work under a heavier weight. Not all situations need a high safe working load, but a generous safe working load gives you a buffer before any problems begin to happen.

The safe working load may be important for things like lifting heavy-duty equipment or lifting multiple workers that all need to work on the same piece of a structure. Good working heights in Ceredigion will not matter if the platform can’t support that weight.

What is the difference between a scissor lift and a boom lift?

A boom lift contains a bucket that can extend upwards and outwards, giving it more of an angle to how it moves and allowing some horizontal motion. Scissor lifts only offer vertical working height, but they are also more compact and portable, as well as having lower emissions in most cases.

Why is it called a scissor lift?

These lifts earned their name through the scissor-like joints used to raise the cage from the base of the platform. These joints make it easy to raise the upper cage in tight spaces, making them more reliable for a smaller work site or more niche tasks.

What type of lift is a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts are officially considered aerial platform lifts in Ceredigion. However, slab scissors and rough terrain scissors can be classified differently: the former works best on flat surfaces, and the latter can also work on rough ground.

Can you drive a scissor lift on grass?

A rough terrain scissor lift is best for use on grass or uneven ground. Four-wheel-drive scissor lifts are also an option for some large-scale outdoor work, giving you platform height almost anywhere that the scissor lift can reach.

How high will a scissor lift go?

The total platform height and safe working load of a lift will change depending on the size and type of the lift, as well as the general design. Expect an average platform height range of between 6 meters (the working height for a small lift) and 35 meters (the working height for a large option).

Scissor lifts give you dynamic control of the current working height, meaning that the operator can ‘pause’ the lift at the necessary working heights during jobs. It will never be possible to exceed the maximum platform height, keeping newly-hired workers in Ceredigion safe.


If you need to hire a tool that can offer a good working height, then you can talk to us for more details about the hire options we have available. There is no need to make an account to see what platform options we currently offer as hire options.

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