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Without plant equipment, an industrial company in Tyne and Wear can’t function. However, finding reliable long-term hire options at an affordable price can seem like an intimidating step, especially if you need a larger-scale hire option for a fleet of fully maintained vehicle options.

We at Chief Plant Hire offer an extensive range of forklift trucks, among other warehouse tools. All of our rental trucks come with the latest technology available for hire vehicles, and we aim to meet all your requirements with each of the rentals that you require.

Who Are We?

As a specialist plant hire company in Tyne and Wear, we can offer some of the best and most popular forklifts available at a competitive price. We have worked with countless different small business owners and larger companies to provide a one-stop-shop for all materials handling tools they need.

This includes forklifts, electric forklifts, reach trucks, transport equipment, and even larger-scale transportation options. We operate under a flexible system that allows us to tailor each rental to our customers, providing the accessories and complete services that they need.

Why Should You Hire a Forklift From Us?

Regardless of the popular forklift sales and beyond, we can provide a diverse range of forklift trucks that match your needs. The perfect truck for your situation is not always the most popular rental truck on the market today, and part of our service focuses on giving you the right tools for the job.

Our expert staff in Tyne and Wear can help you find a cost-effective solution that lets you rent forklifts without getting trapped in an unfavourable contract that lasts several months. We also make sure to perform maintenance and operation tests on all of our forklift trucks before sending them out.

Local Forklift Hire

We can provide easy access to forklifts in your local area, delivering them on-site as quickly as possible. We make sure to check every one of the forklifts we offer in Tyne and Wear, looking for signs of necessary repairs or quality issues that we need to resolve before they can be used.

Forklift Hire Costs in Tyne and Wear

Our expert staff can help arrange the right rental arrangement for you, whether that means focusing on a week-by-week rental or something longer-term. We are able to draw up bespoke contracts for each client in Tyne and Wear, helping them order forklifts in ways that work for them.

The cost of each of the trucks we offer can vary heavily based on other factors. The total renting time, the level of servicing needed, the size of the fleet of trucks, and even something like using diesel over gas can all add to the prices.

Different trucks are available at different rental prices. We try to keep renting accessible to any company, but a larger fleet of more expensive truck options will cost more to rent.

Our specialists can help you reach a reduced rental price quote that works for you.

Additional Expenses for Forklift Trucks

Details such as driver training and quality checks can increase rental prices, whether they are part of our rental services or something you do on your own. We can tailor our services to suit your budget, giving each customer the service they need at a price they can feel comfortable with.

What is a Forklift?

We have a lot of truck options that fall under the label of ‘forklift’, and other truck choices that are not officially a forklift-style truck despite their similarities. However, we try to avoid getting the customer hung up on specific names and types, especially if they need an urgent rental arrangement.

Our staff can walk you through each of our business and warehouse equipment offerings, explaining each benefit and helping you build a fleet that you can rely on. Whether you want one truck or dozens of trucks in Tyne and Wear, you do not have to search far to find the right options for each task.

Forklift Short Term Rental

Our short-term hire service allows customers in Tyne and Wear to rent core equipment for as little as a week or two. Even a week-long rent period can be adapted to suit your needs, including time and site of delivery.

Forklift Long Term Rental

Longer-term rental options give us more room to adapt the rental, allowing us to offer even better service. For highly specific rental options, you can contact us directly through our website to arrange something with ease.

Forklift Truck Hire Delivery

Our delivery options can be adjusted just like the rest of our service options. We are able to deliver to almost anywhere in the UK, with UK customers having the option to give us specific delivery sites.

As a UK-based company, it is easy for us to arrange convenient Tyne and Wear delivery times based on your own schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a forklift do?

Forklifts are an ideal option for moving heavy objects and equipment, allowing them to serve in many different roles.

While the lifting and moving functions are very simple, almost any company with a warehouse or large stock area can benefit from one.

Where are forklifts used?

Forklifts are common all across the UK and are primarily used in warehouses or similar spaces.

What are the different types of forklift?

Forklifts in Tyne and Wear can have numerous variants, including side loaders, reach trucks, flexi trucks, and pallet stackers. Our staff can help you figure out the perfect tool purchase option.

What is the difference between a forklift and a lift truck?

There is no major difference between the two terms – they effectively mean the same thing in an online search.

Are rental trucks a vehicle or equipment?

Forklifts are considered a motor vehicle in most situations.

Do you need a license to drive a forklift?

You need training and a license to operate a forklift.


Our rental service is aimed at giving clients exactly what they need, and we can adapt our service to meet their needs as necessary. Whether you want a single diesel-based forklift or a fleet of energy-powered trucks in Tyne and Wear, we can provide it.

You can contact us at any point to get a full breakdown of what we offer and the rental options we have available.

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Contact Our Team

Let Us Know Your Requirements