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Dumper Hire in South Yorkshire

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At Chief Plant Hire, we provide a range of products for hire to clients across the UK including dumpers.

With years of experience, we are one of the leading equipment rental services in South Yorkshire that can provide a variety of tools and machinery. We provide great rates and will deliver tools to your site, including our dumpers.

Our South Yorkshire team will help find the right dumper for your needs, from swivel skip dumpers to tracked dumpers, we have everything you need under one roof.

Who Are We?

We are a specialist equipment hire company in South Yorkshire, specialising in plant insurance, machinery, and tools. We offer a variety of tools for hire, including dumpers, and with our years of experience in the field can guarantee an exceptional service, access to the greatest brands in the industry, and flexible rates.

Why Should you Hire a Dumper From Us?

We have a great fleet of machines available to hire in South Yorkshire, all of which meet the necessary health and safety standards for the industry.

Our company has years of experience in this field, making us highly reliable and we have a great availability for our equipment ensuring there is always going to be something for the job.

We are a registered company that can work with all forms of clients efficiently. Our customers span various job roles, including industrial, landscaping, commercial, and trading, which is why we have a large catalogue of items available to hire every day.

Our company makes it easy to find the right equipment in South Yorkshire for your needs, no matter where in the UK you are based. All materials and machines are listed on our website, where you can learn more about them through item details or see latest prices. New products are added frequently ensuring we can keep up with the demands of our clients.

Simply search for your desired product, which you can sort or search via keywords, add your products to basket, and start the payment process. VAT included in the hire price.

On display is a variety of machines from top brands like JCB, all of which are certified for road safety and health and safety guidelines as standard. As well as machinery, our company also works with training courses and plant insurance, which can be purchased through us.

To learn more about what we provide, get in touch with us today via phone, email or using the enquiry form on our website. You will need to login to our website to contact us and fill the selected forms.

Local Dumper Hire

We offer hire access across the United Kingdom and can deliver to your site in South Yorkshire. Our dumpers offer everything you need and we have a variety of products available, from power swivel skip dumpsters, to those with a large heaped skip capacity, to compact dumpers with a four wheel drive.

No matter what you are looking for, we are your perfect choice as we make it easy for you to access the tools you need, no matter your location.

Dumper Hire Costs South Yorkshire

We provide a complete hire service which includes delivery to your site. We aim to make it easy for our clients to access what they need, which is why we have a large catalogue of products and work with flexible rates.

Once you have added products to your basket, you can get more information regarding the hire costs and delivery fees including VAT. Costs will vary based on the items you hire and your location, as well as local VAT charges.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

What is a Dumper?

Dumpers are a kind of vehicle that is designed to carry bulk material. There are different kinds of dumpers in South Yorkshire and each has their own unique features, but all have a powerful engine.

We offer all kinds of dumper products, including tracked dumpers, swivel skip dumpers, and compact machinery. You can find your ideal dumper by using the products filters on our website, which will narrow down specific features of our products such as pricing (including VAT) and location.

We can offer a quote for our products as well over the phone or via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dumpers used for?

Dumpers are products available for hire that are designed to carry bulk material.

What size dumpers can you get?

We have a great catalogue of products in South Yorkshire on our website, from 0.5 ton dumpers to large skip capacity models.

What is the smallest dumper?

The smallest dumper we offer is a 0.5 ton dumper which has compact features making it one of the best products for work in smaller landscapes.

What is the top speed of a dumper?

The top speed of a dumper will vary based on the size and weight capacity.

What are the types of dumper?

There are several kinds of dumpers available to hire from us in South Yorkshire and we have a great availability of products. For more information, get in touch with our team today.


We are one of the leading providers of dumper hire in the United Kingdom and have lots of products on offer. To stay ahead of updates, create an account.

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Contact Our Team

Let Us Know Your Requirements