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Diggers are an invaluable tool for all kinds of work across any industries in North Yorkshire. We at Chief Plant Hire offer tool hire services that enable customers to get fully-equipped digger machines, from micro diggers and mini excavators to large-scale digging machinery.

We can offer an easy way to hire equipment, providing a wide range of plant hire options that will give you machines suitable for any kind of project. Each machine in North Yorkshire has been carefully maintained to a high standard of quality and safety, along with the tools that you need to operate it.

Who Are Chief Plant Hire?

We are a specialist plant hire company in North Yorkshire with a vast pool of professional experience. Our excellent team have been able to supply many different customers – small businesses and large companies – with the digging work machinery that they need to get a job done.

Our extensive range of digger hire options means that we can help you get the tools you need for your upcoming job, matching it to your site, project type, and budget. We are a supplier with a team that aims to match the product to your needs, no matter what they are.

Why Should You Hire a Digger from Chief Plant Hire?

We are able to offer a vast range of plant hire options, including some of the best digger hire choices on the market (and across the industry). We also provide full maintenance towards all equipment before we send it out, ensuring that even the smallest digger will work perfectly.

Details like insurance and delivery times can be arranged as a bespoke addition, meaning that we can help suit the hire arrangement to the company or client we work with.

Local Excavator Hire in North Yorkshire

Our hire options are available all across the UK. If you’re based in a local part of the UK, we may even be able to offer next day delivery, allowing for a quick and easy hire process. Our online hire options though our website or phone calls enable reliable hiring arrangements in even the furthest parts of the UK, so proximity isn’t a factor.

Digger Hire Costs

We have many of the best plant hire options on the market when it comes to excavation equipment in North Yorkshire, and we can provide all of it under fair and reasonable purchase prices. The cost of the hire we arrange depends on the excavators and other tools you hire, so we can arrange something that fits under your budget.

You never want to pay too much for a digger. Our equipment is priced according to the equipment itself, meaning that we keep our hiring price range appropriate to what the customer wants.

We can work out an ideal rent/hire system for your new equipment. If that means a specialised deposit arrangement (such as where you deposit part of the money upfront, or deposit on a regular basis to keep it longer), then our team can help you find a good compromise.

Mini Digger Hire Equipment

A mini digger can be slightly cheaper than a normal option in many cases, providing a smaller and more compact option that still offers the same benefits as a normal digger. We have a full range of mini digger hire options available to our clients.

Our hire services in North Yorkshire require no account on our site. Hiring with us will let us set up an internal account for repeated services, meaning that returning customers can refer back to their original hiring as an account of what products they might need – speeding up the process significantly.

What is a Digger?

A digger, by definition, is simply a machine that can dig up sections of the ground. In professional terms, excavators in North Yorkshire are considered to be the most baseline form of a digger, but other accessories (for example, specialised buckets, breakers, post knockers, rollers or models with built-in dumpers) can also be attached.

A digger is a vital part of many project types, especially those that deal with moving earth reliably. Most construction and demolition projects also require a digger on standby, even if diggers weren’t part of the main plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the digger used for?

An excavator is simply used to dig up and shift earth by default, but attachments and accessories can change its role.

A digger breaker can demolish concrete and solid rock, which makes breakers a more specialised tool that still functions as a digger would.

Some digger configurations are great for light work, and others are more for heavy-duty site work. Having to break through solid stone ground is a more specialised role in the industry, but is still an option that a digger can provide.

Do builders use diggers?

Diggers are great for construction, and most professional diggers have access to one in case they need to create mounds of earth or dig up certain spaces.

Should I use a mini diggers?

A mini digger (or micro digger, or mini excavator) provides the same benefits as a normal digger, only smaller. Mini diggers can be a powerful asset for a smaller site, and the reduced size of a mini digger can actually help with safety. Mini diggers in North Yorkshire also sacrifice digging range and bucket capacity, so they’re still a specialised tool.

What is the difference between a digger and a bulldozer?

A digger and bulldozer may fall under the same general categories, but they’re different in terms of both function and insurance. Diggers dig holes and trenches, while bulldozers use a front dozer blade to push debris and earth around.

What is the difference between a digger and an excavator?

A digger and an excavator are by every account the same thing, both in terms of insurance and the kind of license an operator needs to use them. They are, exactly the same vehicle – any differences between them are purely due to a mis-labelling.

Do you need a license to operate a digger?

Diggers used to require a license for on-site work until 2011. However, you still need a license to use them anywhere else, including taking the digger off the site to drive it on a road or street.

What is the purpose of an excavator?

An excavator is a piece of digging equipment. A team in North Yorkshire will almost always use it to dig up holes o trenches, or fill in existing holes, for various different reasons and purposes.


If you need to hire excavation equipment for your latest project, then our team is the ideal place to turn. You can contact us directly through our site or get in touch with our office centre by phone for complete access to our full list of services and hire details.

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