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Articulated boom lifts can be a valuable tool for all kinds of industrial uses or construction purposes in Cornwall. We at Chief Plant Hire can provide a range of the most popular boom lifts on the market, suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.

Who Are We?

Here at Chief Plant Hire the staff have a huge range of experience with mast lifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, electric booms, articulating booms and countless other powered access platforms in Cornwall. We are a specialist work platform hire company with a wide variety of options on offer.

We have worked with countless clients to provide lifting equipment for all kinds of different situations and varying work heights. We can offer machines for nearly any job and can give you consistent prices that work for your budget.

Why Should you Hire a Boom Lift From Chief Plant Hire?

We have some of the best boom lift hire options available, along with a variety of special offers for our articulating boom lifts range.

Local Boom Lift Hire in Cornwall

If you need to hire boom lifts quickly, then we can deliver reliable boom lifts directly to your worksite with minimal downtime. We can deliver our machines and equipment all across the UK, providing a range of hire and off-hire options to clients.

Boom Lift Hire Costs

The costs involved in our hire arrangements depend on the kind of boom lifts you are looking for. Some of our powered access equipment comes with additional features or power options that can increase the value of the unit, while others are cheaper and more accessible.

Either way, Cornwall clients can talk to us directly – our expert staff can guide them towards powered access tools that work for them.

Boom Lift Options

We have a range of diesel, and electric boom lift hire options available to our clients, all suitable for different roles and projects. Additional features or alternate power sources in Cornwall mean that there are lots of choices available for niche situations, meaning that we can help you find a lift that suits your needs.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts are more flexible, using an articulated upper section similar to cherry pickers. These articulated boom lifts offer the same movement options as cherry picker hire options but are not as expensive as full cherry picker hire arrangements in most cases.

Like a cherry picker, they can reach out over rough terrain in Cornwall. An articulated boom gives easy manoeuvrability, but the work platform may reach a lower working height as it moves further towards the edge of its range. This makes an articulating boom a versatile tool that can move around obstacles in both outdoor and indoor areas.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

A telescopic boom lift trades the articulated boom body for a single straight stick, which can extend outwards. This gives it more range and working height than an articulated boom, but it also loses the advantages of more flexibility and versatility.

These stick booms (or mast booms) are like multi-directional scissor lifts that reach a great working height and can be angled to offer more positioning options. However, obstacles can get in the way, and restricted spaces without much open air space can make access slightly tougher.

What is a Boom Lift?

Diesel, electric, or bi-energy booms are a bucket at the end of a control arm, giving workers an easy way to gain access to greater working heights and create temporary platforms. Booms can work for any job where working height is important, but the person using them need specific training courses to operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boom lift used for?

A boom lift offers easy access to a working height, often working heights that are too great for other equipment to reach in Cornwall. Booms are suitable for outdoor and indoor use and are more compact than a larger cherry picker model in most cases, making them a convenient option as a whole.

What is the difference between a boom lift and a scissor lift?

A boom lift uses a straight mast that can often be angled, while a scissor lift uses scissor joints but can only rise upwards. This makes them significantly different tools on account of how they function.

Is a boom lift the same as a man lift?

A man lift is similar to a boom lift, but boom lifts are often more versatile. Operators can attach them to trucks or other vehicles and adjust the angle of the lift – things that a man lift can’t usually do.

What do you call a boom lift?

These lifts are often called cherry pickers, elevating work platforms, aerial work platforms, or even aerial devices. These names often overlap with others, so ‘boom lift’ is the most direct way to clarify.

Can you use a boom lift in the rain?

These lifts work for outdoor projects in Cornwall just fine, even in the rain. However, a wet platform presents a slip hazard, whether it is wet from rain or site cleaning specialists.

Can boom lifts tip over?

These lifts could tip over if the lift is placed on an uneven or loose surface. Choose a solid, stable site to position the lift if possible.

What is the tallest boom lift?

The tallest lifts are truck-mounted options that reach hundreds of feet into the air – more than the average company will need. Most electric and diesel booms do not reach that far at all.


If you need a boom lift that you can rely on, then you can get in touch with our expert staff to find the perfect option for your current project. Everything from the maximum work height to the power source can be important factors to consider, and we can help you work through every step of the hiring process.

Model Height Capacity Weight
Snorkel A46JRT 16.3m 227kg 7540kg
Snorkel AB60J 20.1m 227kg 11249kg
Snorkel A62JRT 20.8m 227kg 11300kg
Snorkel AB80J 26.3m 227kg 16692kg
Snorkel AB85J 27.7m 227kg 17500kg
Snorkel A46JRTE 16.3m 227kg 7540kg
Snorkel MB20J 8.1m 215kg 2,590kg
Snorkel MB26J 9.8m 215kg 2,660kg
Snorkel A38E 13.5m 215kg 3,880kg
Snorkel A46JE 16.0m 227kg 6,664kg
Snorkel MB20J 8.1m 215kg 2,590kg
Snorkel MB26J 9.8m 215kg 2,660kg
Snorkel TB80 26.4m 227kg 16,480kg
Snorkel TB86J 28.2m 227kg 17,549kg
Snorkel TB120 38.6m 227kg 17,917kg
Snorkel TB126J 40.4m 227kg 19,000kg
Snorkel 400S 14.2m 272kg 7,135kg
Snorkel 460SJ 16.0m 272kg 7,829kg
Snorkel 600S 20.3m 272kg 11,176kg
Snorkel 660SJ 22.0m 272kg 12,982kg
Snorkel 600S All 20.5m 272kg 13,027kg
Snorkel 660SJ All 22.1m 272kg 13,750kg
Snorkel 2100SJ 66.0m 349kg 41,730kg
Snorkel TL37J 12.9m 215kg 1,586kg
Snorkel TL39 13.5m 215kg 1,680kg
Snorkel TL49J 16.7m 200kg 2,389kg
Model Height Reach Capacity
Genie Z-30/20N 11.14m 6.53m 227kg
Genie Z-30/20 N RJ 10.89 m 6.25 m 227 kg
Genie Z-33/18 12 m 5.57 m 200 kg
Genie Z-34/22 N 12.52 m 6.78 m 227 kg
Genie Z-34/22 IC 12.54 m 6.78 m 227 kg
Genie Z-40/23 N 14.32 m 6.91 m 227 kg
Genie Z-40/23 N RJ 14.32 m 6.91 m 227 kg
Genie Z-45/25J DC 15.94 m 7.65 m 227 kg
Genie Z-45/25J Bi-Energy 15.94 m 7.65 m 227 kg
Genie Z-45 DC 15.92 m 6.94 m 300 kg
Genie Z-45/25J RT 15.86 m 7.52 m 227 kg
Genie Z-45 XC 15.86 m 7.55 m 300 kg/454 kg
Genie Z-45 FE 15.92 m 6.94 m 300 kg
Genie Z-51/30J RT 17.59 m 9.37 m 227 kg
Genie Z-60 DC 20.16 m 11.15 m 227 kg
Genie Z-60 FE 20.16 m 11.15 m 227 kg
Genie Z-62/40 and Z-62/40 TraX 20.87 m 12.42 m 227 kg
Genie Z-80/60 25.77 m 18.29 m 227 kg
Genie ZX-135/70 43.15 m 21.26 m 272 kg
Genie S-45 XC and S-45 TraX 15.56 m 11.02 m 300kg/454kg
Genie S-60 J 20.5 m 12.30 m 300 kg
Genie S-65 XC and S-65 TraX 21.81 m 16.51 m 300kg/454kg
Genie S-80 J and S-80 TraX 26.51 m 16.69 m 300 kg
Genie S-85 XC 27.91 m 22.71 m 300kg/454kg
Genie SX-105 XC 34 m 24.38 m 300kg/454kg
Genie SX-125 XC 40.10 m 24.38 m 300kg/454kg
Genie SX-135 XC 40.10 m 24.38 m 300kg/454kg
Genie SX-150 48.33 m 24.38 m 340 kg
Genie SX-180 56.86 m 24.38 m 340 kg
Model Outreach Width Height
JLG 340AJ 6.06m 1.93m 12.33m
JLG 450AJ 7.62m 2.34m 15.77m
JLG 520AJ 10m 2.35m 18m
JLG 600 Series 12.07m-12.37m 2.13m-2.49m 2.51m-20.46m
JLG 800 Series 15.74m 2.49m 26.38m
JLG 1250AJP 19.25m 2.49m 40.30m
JLG 1500AJPO 23.55m 2.50m 48.15m
JLG 400 Crawler Series 10m-12m 2.24m 14.05m-15.88m
JLG 600 Crawler Series 15.32m 2.49m 20.11m
JLG 600 Series 15.28m-17.41m 2.29m-2.49m 20.13m-22.10m
JLG 800 Series 21.64m-22.86m 2.49m 26.38m-28.21m
JLG Ultra Series 22.86m-24.38m 2.49m 38.73m-58.56m
JLG 400 Series 12.72m-12.83m 2.31m 16.04m-16.09m
JLG EC600 & H600 Series 13.18m-13.54m 2.41m 18.36m-18.39m
Model Height Outreach Weight
Nifty 120 12.33m 5m 1195kg
Nifty 120T 12.2m 6.1m 1400kg
Nifty 150T 14.7m 7.55m 1775kg
Nifty 170 17.1m 8.7m 2160kg
Nifty 210 21m 12m 3495kg
Nifty HR12L 12.1m 6.4m 2540kg
Nifty HR12N 12.2m 6.1m 3435kg
Nifty HR12 4x4 12.2m 6.1m 3470kg
Nifty HR15N 15.5m 9.7m 7250kg
Nifty HR15 4x4 15.7m 9.4m 4500kg/4800kg
Nifty HR17N 17m 9.7m 7780kg/7650kg
Nifty HR17 4x4 17.2m 9.4m 5000kg
Nifty HR21E 20.8m 13m 6640kg
Nifty HR21 4x4 20.8m 13m 6680kg
Nifty HR28 4x4 28m 19m 14650kg
Nifty SD170 4x4 17.1m 8.7m 2750kg
Nifty SD210 4x4x4 21.3m 12.8m 3950kg
Nifty TD120TN 12.2m 6.1m 1890kg
Nifty TD120T 12.2m 6.1m 1890kg
Nifty TD150T 14.7m 7.55m 2025kg
Model Height Reach Weight
Teupen LEO12T 12,00 m 8,45 m 2985 kg
Teupen LEO13GT 12,75 m 6,05 m 1400 kg
Teupen LEO15GT 14,70 m 7,60 m 1803 kg
Teupen LEO18GTplus 18,30 m 8,50 m 2650 kg
Teupen LEO21GT 21,00 m 12,00 m 3000 kg
Teupen LEO23T 23,20 m 12,50 m 2975 kg
Teupen LEO23GT 23,00 m 11,20 m 2990 kg
Teupen LEO24GT 24,00 m 12,00 m 3300 kg
Teupen LEO30Tplus 30,00 m 17,00 m 4500 kg
Teupen LEO34GTplus 34,00 m 20,00 m 7800 kg
Teupen LEO35Tplus 35,00 m 17,00 m 5400 kg
Teupen LEO39GTplus 38,60 m 23,30 m 8750 kg
Teupen LEO40GTX 39,50 m 13,00 m 11900 kg
Teupen LEO50GT 50,00 m 17,10 m 13500 kg
Teupen PUMA42GTX 42,70 m 16,70 m 17600 kg
Model Height Width Weight
MEC 34-J Telescopic Diesel 34 ft 92 in 8,000 lbs
MEC 45-AJ Articulated Diesel 45 ft 91 in 16,380 lbs
MEC 45-J Telescopic Diesel 45 ft 96 in 13,650 lbs
MEC 60-J Telescopic Diesel 60 ft 96 in 19,420 lbs
MEC 65-J Telescopic Diesel 65 ft 90 in 21,620 lbs
MEC Titan 40-S Telescopic Diesel 40 ft 96 in 24,250 lbs
MEC Titan 60-S Telescopic Diesel 60 ft 91 in 40,000 lbs
Model Height Outreach Width
Haulotte HA16 RTJ 16 m 8.3 m 2.3 m
Haulotte HA16 RTJ O 16 m 8.3 m 2.3 m
Haulotte HA16 RTJ PRO 16 m 8.3 m 2.3 m
Haulotte HA20 RTJ 20.6 m 12.2 m 2.42 m
Haulotte HA20 RTJ PRO 20.6 m 12.2 m 2.42 m
Haulotte HA26 RTJ PRO 26.4 m 17.5 m 2.48 m
Haulotte HA32 RTJ PRO 31.8 m 21.6 m 2.53 m
Haulotte HA41 RTJ PRO 41.5 m 20.1 m 2.53 m
Haulotte HA12 CJ 11.68 m 6.94 m 1.2 m
Haulotte HA12 CJ+ 11.68 m 7.22 m 1.2 m
Haulotte HA12 IP 12 m 6.5 m 1.35 m
Haulotte SIGMA 16 16.1 m 8.35 m 1.75 m
Haulotte SIGMA 16 PRO 15.7 m 8.05 m 1.75 m
Haulotte HA20 LE 20.67 m 11.91 m 2.41 m
Haulotte HA20 LE PRO 20.76 m 11.91 m 2.41 m
Haulotte HT16 RTJ PRO 16.1 m 13 m 2.29 m
Haulotte HT23 RTJ O 22.5 m 18.3 m 2.47 m
Haulotte HT23 RTJ PRO 22.5 m 18.3 m 2.47 m
Haulotte HT28 RTJ PRO 27.9 m 23.85 m 2.48 m
Haulotte HT43 RTJ PRO 42.2 m 20.2 m 2.5 m
Model Height Weight Capacity
Skyjack SJ30 ARJE 10.82 m 5,588 kg 227 kg
Skyjack SJ45 AJ+ 15.54 m 5,075 kg 300 kg
Skyjack SJ46 AJ+ 15.93 m 5,990 kg 300 kg
Skyjack SJ60 AJ+ 20.11 m 8,557 kg 300 / 454 kg
Skyjack SJ85 AJ 27.74 m 16,965 kg 227 / 340 kg
Skyjack SJ40/45 T+ 15.58 m 7,160 kg 300 / 454 kg
Skyjack SJ61/66 T+ 22.02 m 12,585 kg 300 / 454 kg
Skyjack SJ82/86 T 26.82 m/28.04 m 17,237 kg 227 kg/341 kg

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